Who are we

return2 is made by Alex and Malte, two computer science and (former) business information system students, based in Germany.

Alexander Droste
Alex, born in 1997, is a big fan of DIY, embedded devices, macOS and Docker. He is currently studying computer science and is always up for trying out new technologies. Since recently he spends less and less time on coding, but when he does it certainly involves some JS, node, react, whatever stuff. Other hobbies: music & photography.

Malte Hellmeier
Malte, born in 1996, loves open-source software, Linux and the small Rasperry Pi. Beside his studies he works as a full-stack developer and his main programming language is PHP (Sidenote: Did you know that PHP is a recursive acronym which stands for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor"?). He also likes playing piano and acoustic guitar and making some great landscape pictures.

Blog concept

This tech blog can be seen as an collaborative, open notebook from us. We are writing about tech, coding, photography and all these stuff we like. Our intention is to share some problems and (hopefully) interesting stuff with you and all the other nerdy people around the world.