A warm welcome to you, the internet and the whole world to our blog!

What is return2?

return2 is a blog about tech, coding, DevOps, administration, raspberry pi, photography, and much more. It can be seen as a collaborative, open notebook from us. Our intention is to share some problems and (hopefully) interesting stuff with you and all the other nerdy people around the world.

Who is behind return2?

This blog is made by Alex and Malte from Germany. We know each other from the university where we studied computer science / business information systems together. If you want to know more about us, then have a look at our About us page.

Why yet another blog?

We both love developing programs, working with electronics and all the administration stuff. If you are familiar with these things, googling is a big thing to get some help from StackOverflow answers, forum posts or tutorials. Sometimes you need an answer for a special topic but it is really hard to find a person with the same problem out there. Often the last way to solve the problem is with a lot of trial & error.

One night, we (Alex and Malte) talked about this issue of protracted problem-solving in a bar while drinking a great German wheat beer. Our idea was to create a blog to share some of our personal problems & answers that may be useful for other people. That's the reason why this blog isn't about a special tech topic – it's more an open notebook.

Where does the name return2 come from?

After the second wheat beer, we talked about a name for the blog. Our intention was to find a unique, easy-to-remember name that can be related to some electronic, coding or IT topics. This is where the return word comes from. The return statement is a pretty often used word in several programs, so it is programming language independent – great! Furthermore, we want to use this blog to return content to our readers 😋.

But where does the number 2 come from? Well, we are two people writing content here. So why don't use this number for the name to make it a bit more unique? :)

public static function getBlogName() {
    return 2;